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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Bluegum Service Groups Quality Management System adheres to the principles of ANZ ISO14001:2004 for Environmental activities.

Initiatives taken by Bluegum Services to improve environmental performance and outcomes, including but not limited to achieve environmental sustainability for the client Bluegum Service Group will provide best practice in our environmental obligations. The Environmental Policy is attached and clearly sets out the objectives for environmental management:

  • Reduce the impact of our operations on the surrounding environment;
  • Minimise or Eliminate the use of chemicals and substitute environmentally sensitive compounds for any identified hazardous chemicals;
  • Use of approved and licensed environmentally waste management contractors;
  • Recycle any and all waste components to lessen the impact on landfill and environmental areas;
  • We aim to ensure that atmospheric emissions are minimized and or eliminated from all operational activities;
  • All activities are routinely audited for compliance.
  • Senior Management reviews the environment performance of each site and monitors the outcomes against the Environmental Policy.
Use of Recycled Materials
  • Environmental Improvement Plans for all or part of Bluegum Services business:
    A site specific environmental improvement plan is created for all projects.
  • Specific measures undertaken to address biodiversity conservation, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, resource use, waste generation and / or water consumption issues:
    As part of our Environmental Management System, Bluegum Services has developed a Register of Environmental Aspects which addresses all aspects listed above. We have given each aspect a significant rating and where the rating is high we have implemented objectives and targets to reduce its significance.
  • Use of recycled materials:
    Bluegum Services Group is committed to using recycled materials wherever possible. Bluegum Services is committed to improve environmental performance and outcomes during the contract period. Some commitments that Bluegum Services Group applies during the contract period includes:
    • Physics and Technology: Water / Moisture build-up areas where we can provide consultation to improve cleaning
    • Ventilation: Ease of cleaning to deliver IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
    • Materials and Furnishings: Non polluting building materials that are functional and easily cleaned to assist clients with the program and list of fabrics
    • Maintenance Routine: Maintenance of high standards, environmental quality chemicals, frequent inspections, correct cleaning methods, heap filter vacuum cleaners
    • Cleansafe Program: Minimisation of environmental impact of products used and methods implemented to ensure an environmentally friendly approach to our service provision. Correct dispensing and storage of cleaning agents.
Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Bluegum Services is committed to contribute to the improvement of the social quality of local communities such as details of initiatives that pursue excellence in protecting / enhancing local amenity, public health and safety, cultural and heritage values and / or community services.

Bluegum Services Pty Ltd is committed to improving the social quality of local communities.


Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Bluegum Services is commitment to:

  • Support local economies, e.g. through staff recruitment, purchasing of goods and materials;
  • And consider life cycle costs - e.g. in the choice of materials.

Bluegum Services Pty Ltd is committed to the improvement of the social quality of local communities.

We seek to create a positive impact on the communities with which we interact, our work is spread over a wide geographical area and we support local communities by employing locally where possible.

  • Dialogue with local communities regarding cleaning activities.
  • Sponsored staff regularly support local communities through fund raising, and serving in local charitable organisations.
  • Charitable Donations.
  • Buy from local suppliers where possible.



Bluegum Services Group has an unwavering commitment to our environmental performance and accordingly our chosen products are high quality and in all cases 'green friendly'. Hitherto, purchasing procedures to ensure low environmental impact have included the following:

  • Only environmentally friendly consumable products and other materials are used in our contracts.
  • Bluegum Services ensure that all chemicals and cleaning agents are of a non-toxic nature and have procedures in place to continuously monitor the industry for new products under this category.

Product Registers

All consumable products and other materials to be used in contracts are detailed in Product / Chemical Registers.

Product Selection and Evaluation

Bluegum Services have significant experience in the purchase and use of eco-buy products, and our ability to maintain cost effectiveness is a matter of record. Consumable products, chemicals and cleaning agents used for cleaning purposes undergo evaluation prior to purchasing and application. Evaluation Criteria include:

  • Does the product contain hazardous chemicals?
  • Does the product have low / no phosphate Levels?
  • Does the product have low / no levels of organic compounds?
  • Does the product have a low flammability risk?
  • Is the product fully bio degradable?
  • Is the product able to be provided as concentrate?
  • Does the product use low impact packaging?
  • Is the product accompanied by MSDS's?
  • Is the product environmentally friendly?
  • Is the product accompanied by supplier/manufacturer training and documentation for efficient, safe environmentally conscious use?

Products failing these criteria will not be used unless there are no alternatives for that application and their use will be controlled. Products not complying with these criteria are then subject to the following:

  • Legislative requirements in the storage and handling of hazardous substances.
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations 1992
    • National strategy for the management of chemicals used at work (May 1989)
    • Guidance note for the assessment of health risks arising from the use of hazardous substances in the workplace [NOHSC: 3017 (1994)]
    • Australian Dangerous Goods Code (Fifth edition)
  • Hazardous Substance Register
  • Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment
  • Development of Safe Work Procedure including controls required to minimise employee exposure and contingency plans for a chemical spill
  • As part of risk mitigation all staff routinely undertake Hazardous Substance identification and Hazardous Substance Handling

Clients are encouraged to be aware of and approve all MSDS's prior to chemical use. Regular consultation is undertaken with approved chemical suppliers to monitor changes and developments in green products.

Our experience in servicing environmentally sensitive areas such as Twelve Apostles Wetlands Tourist Centre has thoroughly exposed us to the benefits of the Eco-buy program which we have strongly supported and promoted across our portfolios.

This approach has served us well to date. However, as indicated earlier and as part of our continuous drive to further improve environmental performance and remove or reduce any negative impacts, Bluegum Services Group have now adopted the Green Cleaning program.